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Brighton racer Will Hunt gears up for 2020 Radical SR1 title bid with new fitness partnership

Will Hunt has stepped up his off-track efforts, having formed an exciting new fitness partnership with Performance Elite and expert sports conditioning coach Tom Archer.

The 22-year old from Brighton is throwing everything at winning the 2020 Radical SR1 Cup but is looking beyond the forthcoming season to the next stages of his career in sportscar racing.

Through a new and exciting association with Performance Elite’s Tom Archer, Will is set to benefit from expert, sport-specific strength and conditioning coaching in state-of-the-art training facilities that will radically enhance his on and off-track performances.

Archer has been a strength and conditioning coach since 2010 but has spent the last five years working predominantly with elite-level sports personalities, including ex-Formula 1 racer and current IndyCar star Max Chilton.

While he has trained national and international athletes from a wide variety of sporting arenas, Archer’s passion lies in motorsport, and he has a deep understanding of how physically and mentally demanding motor racing can be and what it takes to not only sustain a career, but progress and succeed.

He has begun implementing a tailored plan that will not only enable Will to perform at his optimal level while pursuing the 2020 Radical SR1 Cup title, but also ensure the Brighton racer is primed for the next phase of his burgeoning career.

The programme is designed around the stringent tests and parameters set by automotive manufacturers when selecting candidates for their established young driver programmes, such as the McLaren Automotive Driver Development Programme (DDP) or the Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy.

“I have been fortunate enough to work with national and international athletes from a variety of sports all over the world,” said Archer. “However, motorsport is where my passion lies. It requires a focused and well-planned approach, with the athlete having to adapt to a range of variables that often differ from one race to the next. The plan will be key to the athlete’s success.

“Will (Hunt) has placed his goal markers down for the year ahead and hasn’t hidden what he wants to achieve. With his first round of fitness testing complete, we have built a plan to slot around his commitments in the lead up to the 2020 Radical SR1 Cup season. Our plan isn’t just built for this year, though, as it’s geared towards the next steps in Will’s racing career. The goals have been set. Now it’s time to really get to work!”

Will said: “Teaming up with Tom (Archer) and the Performance Elite brand is a great honour and a big step forward for the 2020 season and beyond. Tom trains the likes of Max Chilton, who has had a lot of success at the pinnacle of the sport, and this gives me absolute trust in his ability to optimise my fitness for the next stages of my career.

“Ultimately, I hope to achieve a better ‘fighting weight’ for the forthcoming season in the Radical SR1 Cup and develop physically so I can progress up the motorsport ladder. We have been working on nutrition and preparing a progressive training plan that will mean, come lights out at Oulton Park, I will be in the best possible shape, ready for whatever challenge comes next.”

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